General conditions of use

You wish to download certain photographs. These are the work of a professional photographer hired by Audencia.

You are authorised to download if you first agree to respect the following rules:

  • To use, reproduce and represent these photographs, in any context, solely for the promotion of Audencia of which they are the subject, and that this use is in the context of your professional activity.
  • To mention systematically ‘Photo Audencia’ next to, or on, the photographs each time they are used, reproduced or represented in whichever context.
  • To mot modify the photographs or to use them for illicit purposes.
  • To not pass these photographs and the associated rights free or at a cost to a third party

Any use of these photographs that contravenes the above, or more generally the rights of Audencia and of the photographer, is forbidden and will be considered as tantamount to counterfeiting, carrying with it a three-year prison sentence and a 300,000 € fine (French Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle, articles L 335-1 and after).